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Around the Lodge......


Whether you're walking to our beach area, to the showerhouse or fish hut, through the yard to take the trails on the island, or just to "visit" with one of the other cabin's guests....this is what you'll see along the way.  From Dan's "garden" to Linda's "flower beds", we strive to keep our place looking beautiful with an array of flowers in multi colors.... here, there and everywhere.  If it can be planted in something, I use it!


Our centrally located shower house features a single shower stall, (hot and cold water!) vanity and sink plus a trailer style flushing toilet for your convenience.  When using, simply shut and lock the door.  It's yours for the duration of your needs.  There is plenty of room if you want your spouse to wait inside for you.

It's cleaned and refreshened daily. 

Fish Hut

Our screened in fish hut is located across from the main lodge. The countertop cleaning area can be accessed from both sides. It also has running water to make your clean up faster and easier.  A 12V battery operated LED light works by flicking the switch on at the door for cleaning your fish after dark.  Bowls, fillet knives, sharpeners, etc. are at your disposal.

   It is scrubbed and bleached daily and the fish remains are disposed of.


Our motto is:  You found it clean, leave it clean.

As you can see from the pictures, we re-vamped the entire fish hut!  Replacing rotted logs and new screens, we also added solid walls to the inside.  The only mosquitos that will be in here are the ones you bring in on yourself!

Stroll Through The Camp...

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