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Kids just wanna have just wanna have FUN!!!!

                                                              From age 2 to 92…...they’re still “KIDS“. 


We don’t discourage “children”, however,  please understand that we are an old style fishing camp and located on an island.  Your stay is a week long ~ Saturday to Saturday.  If your child likes to fish and swim, generally likes the outdoors, then by all means, he or she will love coming to Tall Pines Camp.

Be aware that we do NOT have electricity in the cabins, nor a recreational room or WiFi.  We do have a great sandy bottomed swimming area, a sand front yard area for digging, a large grassy back yard for ball playing, lots of trails to walk across or along the island plus the favorite “main“ dock for catching those trophy fish that lurk underneath.   If you manage to come during blueberry season, finding and picking them on the small islands (by boat) is a real treat for all.

***Yes, we can charge Ipods, phones and tablets!  We have a new "solar station" to make it convenient for everyone.

KNOW YOUR CHILD….This is the #1 rule.  You want to make their trip as enjoyable for them as it will be for you and the other guests.    If this is their first trip and they are “alone“…...we recommend their age be 6-8 years old.  Bringing a sibling, cousin or buddy  (if you can) works out best for everyone.  You want them to go home with wonderful MEMORIES and want to come back year after year.

We do have some board games, outdoor ladder toss and washer toss game, frisbies, footballs, wiffle/soft ball and bats, and small nets for catching frogs.  

***We do NOT have fire rings at the cabins due to the Ministry’s Fire Watch code.  If you want to roast marshmallows or hot dogs, you‘re welcome to come down and use the main one where we gather when we do our fish fries on Thursdays.  

*** If you have your own boat, you are welcome to bring tubes and skis.  We would hate for “boredom” to set in as these youngsters are the future of any camp.  We also have kayaks for everyone's use!

PEAK TIME for families is July to mid August.  This is usually the hottest time of the season for these activities.  

***Most of these pictures are of our own youngest grandchildren that we like to keep busy for the week when they are visiting us.***   Ages range from 15 down to 6 years old.  Other pictures are of "big kids"  that have been coming for years and still like to have FUN!


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