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Tall Pines offers 6 clean and comfortable HOUSEKEEPING log cabins which will accommodate guests from a party of 2 to large groups of 10. ALL CABINS are water front with your own private dock.  Inside you'll find all the things that you'll need to make your stay enjoyable. All are equipped with a propane stove with oven, refrigerator, and propane lights. Each cabin has running water, dishes, pots & pans, cutlery, coffee pots, tea kettles, sheets, blankets and pillows, plus a wood burning stove for your warmth and comfort. Your wood pile is outside your cabin and a clothesline to dry your wet things.  A gas grill is on the porch along with chairs to sit and watch the spectacular sunrise or the evening sunset. A private deodorized outhouse is a few yards away. Your boat will be parked at your own dock within eyesight. As always, you are responsible for any damage done to cabins, boats and motors, and equipment.


Home Cabin ~ Sleeps up to 10



This cabin is the original homestead where the Clark's lived when they moved to Sandy Island and is our largest cabin.  It features a separate kitchen area with a large refrigerator and an extra 3 burner cook top next to the stove for those bigger groups.  The eating/living area is in the front middle room with a large table to accomodate all 10 chairs.  The woodburner is close to that area for warmth, if needed.  A daybed/couch is under the front two windows so you can sit and view the lake.  Three beds are to the left and a separate bedroom holding 7 single beds is to the right.  Two skylights ~ one in the kitchen and one in the middle room ~ provide extra natural lighting.  The grill is situated on the front porch and there are enough chairs for everyone to gather.  After a good day of fishing, there's nothing better than coming back, sitting on that porch looking out over the lake, reading a good book or having a cold one knowing that you are "HOME". 




Pine ~ Sleeps up to 10



Our 2nd largest cabin is nestled amongst the fragrant PINE trees....thus, it's name.  This cabin is a large open area concept with the kitchen/living combo on the east side, and the bedroom area located on the west. The sleeping area consists of 5 single bottom beds with 5 hanging bunk beds above for a unique look.  The kitchen is made up of a large fridge, full size stove w/oven flanking a large countertop workspace with the sink being under the window for a lake view.  A skylight over the table (that holds all 10 chairs!) adds extra light.  The woodburner is located in the middle for even "heating" on those chilly mornings.  The living space consists of a couch, 2 chairs, end table and a coffee table.  Lots of room for everyone!!!  A covered back porch protects your grill and a full sized covered front porch provides a beatuiful view of the lake! 



Bay ~ Sleeps up to 6



This A framed shaped cabin was built with a separate kitchen area featuring a back storage room for your gear/coolers, etc.   The spacious kitchen also has a view of the lake from the window over the sink.  A table holding 6 chairs is placed by the front windows facing the water.  The wood burner is located near the couch.  Sleeping quarters consists of one area with 2 single beds, a wall divider, and then 2 sets of bunk beds on the other side with the top bunks being suspended from the ceiling.  While grilling your steaks on the front porch, the others can sit back, relax, enjoy some good conversation and look out over the BAY and across the channel to watch for a bear or a moose crossing "Garbage Bay".


Rock Point ~ Sleeps up to 5



Our most popular cabin by far is this one!  Perched on top of a large granite rock, it is surrounded by sandy bottomed water on three sides.  You can see for miles to the east and to the west with a spectacular view of each sunset.  A few steps off the porch to the east, you can catch the gorgeous sunrises.  This cabin, like the others, is an open concept with the bedroom area on one end, kitchen/living area on the other with the wood burner being centrally located.  Two single beds to the left of a dividing wall, two on the other side plus you have a daybed/couch sitting under the double windows facing the south view of the lake.  The grill is located on the back porch under a roof to avoid those southern-westerly winds.  Sitting on the front porch of ROCK POINT with the rest of the camp behind you, makes you feel like you are truly "alone" in this beautiful wilderness.




Birch ~ Sleeps up to 4



Our smallest cabin which is comprised of 2 rooms, is perfect for a couple, a family with 2 children, or you and a buddy.  One is the bedroom with 2 sets of bunk beds and plenty of space to store your gear, and the largest room is the fully equipped kitchen with the sink under the window facing the east, table with 4 chairs, a couch and wood burner.  The grill is on the covered front porch along with chairs for everyone.  Arise early and watch those beautiful sunrises from your porch with the view through the BIRCH trees....all 5 of them.  They add character and thus, the name of this cabin.  Catch a glimpse of the boats as they come out of Canoe Pass or head down the lake.



Boathouse ~ Sleeps up to 4



This "cabin" has some interesting history behind it.  It once floated (in the '50s) and was used as a post on the French River for the fisherman who fished all day in their cedar strip boats to spend the night in after they tied up to it.  Maybe for a day.....maybe for a week, then they would return to the camp.  Somewhere in the 1980s, it was pulled up on ground and converted into a cabin.  The inside is completely finished.  The layout is two large holding 4 single beds with a divider wall separating each set of 2 beds and a kitchen along with a day bed/couch and 2 sitting chairs, plus your table and 4 wooden chairs.  A covered front porch views our "close-to-camp" bay and the western sunsets.  Your grill sits on the back deck.

NOTE:  The outside needs some TLC and is on the "honey do" list as it's difficult to work on with the ever changing water level! We do rent it out but only if nothing else is available.  It is a favorite of a few of our groups of long time friends.  


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