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So..... You're Not Sure What To Bring ?

* PASSPORT or PASS CARD - don't leave home without it!

Children UNDER 14 do not need one. MUST bring their birth certificates.  If bringing your young son/daughter(s) or grandson/granddaughter(s) alone,  get a permission slip from their parents.

*YOUR battery for CPAP machines~!  All new machines should work off of a battery.  We can recharge it daily if necessary.  

* Chargers…...(Cell phones, tablets, IPads, IPods, etc)  We now have a SOLAR charging system!  Bring your 110 adapter.  With new cell towers being put up, there is SOME reception now on the island, depending on your carrier.  As always, you can get connected out on the water.

* Food and Beverages
(We do go shopping in town every Wednesday ~ we will gladly pick up a few items if you run out of something and we always have a weekly Thursday fish fry!)
*Bottled water (optional)… water system is UV treated and filtered into each cabin.
* Fishing equipment/tackle box/net
(We have a small supply of lures, steel leaders, jigs and can "repair" some small problems you may have...we also have nets we loan out)
* Toiletries for showering/bathing (soap, shampoo, etc.)
* Sunscreen, sun tan lotion, bug repellent, band aids,  Chapstick, Tylenol or any other pain reliever.

*ThermaCELL mosquito appliances ~ they DO work on mosquitos!
* Extra clothes for "layering".  The weather can change rapidly and it’s nice to have that extra jacket or hoodie.

* RAIN GEAR is a must!  Don’t forget a swimming suit or shorts either.
* Paper products: paper towels, zip lock bags, cello wrap, aluminum foil, extra garbage bags and extra toilet tissue. (We DO supply the last 2 items but if you’re in a far away cabin, it’s nice to have some on hand!)
* Towels:  Bath towels, dish towels, beach towels, dish soap (If these are forgotten, we always have extras that you can "borrow".)

*CAMERA and extra batteries!! Don’t leave home without this!!

* RADIO battery operated

* FANS:  battery operated (for those warm, still nights)

* BATTERIES:   AAA, AA, C and D (depending)
* FLASHLIGHT…...important for walking around after dark.
* BINOCULARS ~ you never know when you’ll see something far away and want to identify it……a moose back in the marshes , baby loons or bears on the shoreline. 

**NO PETS** sorry. we love animals, too, but can NOT have pets at our camp.






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