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***NEW PICK UP LOCATION***    We are now picking up at RBs RIVERSIDE MARINA  (also on Quesnel Road....about 1/2 mile closer than where we were).   Once the blacktop road ends and the sandy gravel road starts, it's about 200 yards down on the right.  Semi-circle loading and unloading area.  PARKING is paid for in their office below the pick up point.  You are required to pay for your vehicle(s) and launching (if you bring your own boat) upon your arrival.  You will be "escorted" by golf cart to the parking area and brought back to the dock.  :)



***  Please make sure that you have checked with your cell phone provider to see what plan you have for services out of the country.  I would suggest that you turn your "data" plan OFF so that you're not charged for the internet, roaming, etc.


***  Make sure you call your credit card company and inform them that you are traveling and will be using your card in different states and into Canada.  This way, they won't think it's stolen and decline it at a restaurant or gas station.


*** Those of you with sleep machines, you need to bring your own battery.  Yes, you can get a 12V inverter and yes, we can re-charge your battery so it lasts for the week.  **Talk to Dan about this.**


*** FYI:  You are allowed to bring alcohol and cigarettes across the border.  It's 1 case of beer or 1 bottle of hard liquor per person and 1 carton of cigarettes.  As for can bring as much as you can consume during the duration of your stay.  (That's how it was explained to me.)


*** BEAR HUNTERS ONLY ~ If bringing a gun into Canada, you must first stop on the U.S. side and register your weapon.  (Bow hunters are fine).  ALL hunters must bring a COPY of your valid current hunting license from your state or an old one that we can keep to send to the ministry.  This is a requirement to bear hunt here.  They require a COPY be sent in by the camp to upgrade your Outdoor's Card.  



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