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    Why do you want to do this?


    Because it's quick, easy and you'll have them so you can start fishing immediately! 


    They can be purchased MONTHS before you come.  Put them with your passport or fishing tackle box so you already have them packed for the trip.  Your printed copy IS your legal fishing license.   If you have ANY trouble with anything, please call the Service Center at:  1-800-387-7011 (Monday to Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM)  They are CLOSED on Saturdays and Sundays.


     If you have ANY difficulty with this, please contact me and I will make arrangements to help you get your license another way.






***You MUST purchase an OUTDOORS CARD before you can buy a fishing license.  They are $10 and are good for 3 years.  EVERYONE has to have one...this is your ID.   If  you have one and it is expired…….it can be RENEWED prior to your purchase of your new license.  You will need your card to enter your existing numbers.  If your card is still good, enter it and continue.  Can‘t find your card?  Call the HELP center at: 1-800-387-7011  Mon-Fri  8:30-5:00.  


NOTE:  Make sure you PRINT your license first before your receipt.  This IS your legal license to fish.

***Children under 18 do NOT need a license, however, they ARE part of your possession limit. They are permitted to purchase their own license for their own limit.***

Walleye and Northern Pike  ~  Opening Day – 3rd Sat. in MAY
Muskie and Bass                     ~  Opening Day – 3rd Sat. in JUNE


On a SPORT FISHING  license:

Walleye – limit 2
(NONE between 16-24”)

Northern Pike – limit 4
(Not more than 2 over 24” w/1 allowed over 34”
 ALL can be under 24”)

Bass  - (both species combined) - limit 6
(No length limit)

Perch – limit 50
(No length limit)

Muskie –  ONE must be over 48”

On a CONSERVATION license:

Walleye – limit 1
(NONE between 16-24”)

Northern Pike – limit 2
(ONE over 24” and  ONE under 24”

 or BOTH under 24”.  NONE over 34”)

Bass – (both species combined) - 2
(No length limit)

Muskie -  NONE

Perch -  limit 25




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